The school has two soccer team under 11 and under  13 boys.

The school does not play in any structured league,

(a) The school only plays friendly games against selected schools either in the second or fourth term

(b) The school provides the kit (Jersey, shorts, long socks and bibs) to players

(c) Practice is on Mondays and Thursdays at 13:30 – 15:00

(d) During practice and matches players must have the following:

  1. Soccer Boots, not spikes
  2. Shin Pads
  3. Long socks
  4. Wear the kits provided by the school


(e) If the player does not have the above he cannot be allowed on the field

(f) Under 11 boys play 15 minutes aside using a size 4 soccer ball

(g) Under 13 boys play 20 minutes aside using a size 5 soccer ball

(h) Matches are played on Wednesdays