1. TEAMS
  • The Netball teams are made up as follows:
  • Girls U/7 and U/8 – Mini Netball
  • Girls U/9; U/10; U/11; U/12 and U/13
  • Senior Netball – A+B Teams
  • Each team has two or more coaches.
  • Each team has their own equipment, which consists of balls in a ball bag, t-shirts, bibs, scorecards and a rule book.
  • The coach of each team is in control of the equipment.
  • Equipment is handed out at the beginning of the season (March) and stored away at the end of the season(July).
  • New equipment is bought as the budget allows.
  • Sponsors can also provide equipment.
  • Players may wear clothing of their choice to participate.
  • At league games, players wear: school shorts, t-shirt (provided by the school), school socks and takkies. (Buy Netball skirts at Rieba)
  • T-shirts are given to the girls for the whole season.
  • All the t-shirts and other equipment are handed in at the end of the season.
  • Coaches wear Nelspruit Primary t-shirts and any tracksuit pants during league games.
  • Dress appropriately when practicing.
  • Teams are expected to practise twice a week.
  • Games are played on Tuesday at different venues (Small league matches)
  • Matches on a Thursday A + B teams (Big league matches)
  • The programme is worked out for the whole season and other games may be arranged on alternative days.
  • Each coach can choose the days and practice times.
  • A timetable is worked out to accommodate all the teams (U/7 – U/13).
  • U/12 and U/13 players may go to the trials, but it is their own choice and it is the parents’ responsibility.
  • A coach may decide whether her team will participate or not.
  • 8 players per age group are allowed to participate.
  • If a child is selected for a Provincial Team, her parents must see to all transport arrangements and financial costs.
  • The school will also contribute towards a child participating in a Provincial Team.
  • Girls selected for a netball team, will receive a letter containing practice days, times and league games.
  • Each player receives a letter for each league game (weekly) and the reply slip must be completed by the parents or a guardian.(Indemnity form)
  • No child may travel on a bus or kombi, if indemnity is not returned
  • Each coach receives a rulebook at the beginning of the season.
  • Courses can be attended (coaching and umpiring).
  • Coaches may help each other and learn from each other.
  • Coach to the best of your ability and have fun.