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Nelspruit Primary School is a predominantly English medium school based in the heart of the bustling town of Nelspruit (Mbombela). Our school is of excellent educational standards within Mpumalanga. We take pride in our many special elements we have to offer our valued school pupils; Academics, Sports, Arts & Culture, Events and Functions and many more stimulating specialties for our Scholars.

We set high standards for the services we render towards our school children here at Nelspruit Primary School, ensuring the highest quality education is received, the widest sport selection is readily available, and that respect and equality within our school is of the utmost importance & priority!

We welcome you to pay us a visit at Nelspruit Primary School, to see and experience, first hand - the atmosphere that is exuded within our school. We aim to create a welcoming and "homely" ambiance, thus keeping great maintenance of our school grounds and class rooms - taking pride in our beautiful surroundings. All in all providing a comfortable school for all children to enjoy and thrive in their young, tender years.